We are a construction and interior building company with more than two decades of experience. We integrate all facets of architectural development. We do everything from Concept, to Construction, to Renovation, to Development and Interior Design.

In the world of design, and especially in the world of construction, we don’t really spend enough time talking about the importance of listening.

At KOR Studio, we believe that design goes beyond ideas and aesthetics, and that building goes beyond transactions and executions. For us, design is about mutual listening, not only about fantastical fantasies and dreamy sketches but about the realities and the needs of clients and users. Don’t get us wrong, we are all about fantastical fantasies, we passionately embrace them, but we also want them to be inclusive and caring of the people who will inhabit and use the spaces we build.

We are multifaceted because we want to be (nearly) limitless in our offer and because we believe in including new, fresh voices that can complement our skills and capabilities in our process. This makes our offer more wide-ranging and even more tailored-made. If you ask us, there is nothing more sophisticated than something that is tailored-made, and by that, we don’t mean just something exclusive or luxurious, but something that was truly constructed with someone, with you, in mind.

Some could say listening is an obsolete art form, we see it as a contemporary essential. As the foundation, the core, to design and to life.


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  • Building Management

  • Concept

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  • Architecture