We can say that we have the luxury of being able to see the course of our history not only through images but through living spaces and infrastructures. Our projects are our history materialized into facades. Facades that played a meaningful part in our past, and will outlive us and carry new meaning in the future. Buildings, spaces, inhabited or uninhabited, are carriers of stories, visions, and dreams. We see our projects as the true narrators of our history.

We have been around for over two decades which means we have done all kinds of projects, from the historic, the preexisting, to the modern, and the ones we have built from scratch. Each one has been unique and distinct because they were envisioned by distinct people, clients, architects, and designers. Each one of them brought with it its own set of challenges from which we have learned and grown.

Even though we have built plenty, what we look forward to the most is what we have not yet built. We look forward to materializing more stories that have not yet been materialized.

This is a chronology of our trajectory, so far.